Vibratory Media, Compounds and Equipment

We specialize in the manufacture of ceramic media, plastic media, synthetic media and millimeter size media and deburring compounds for the mass finishing industry.


One of the Industries Heaviest Most Durable Ceramic Media !!!

Check out our newest line of high density ceramic media formulations. 
All new formulations including high density ceramic media..

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Vibratory Tumbling Equipment

We distribute VibraHone™ high energy, high amplitude vibratory and centrifugal barrel tumbling and mass finishing equipment.

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Warehouses in Ohio, Kentucky and California

We have in stock over 1,500,000 Pounds of Ceramic, Plastic, Synthetic and Special Process media and 20,000 gallons of (Safe to use) Industrial Cleaning, Burnishing and Polishing (Soaps) compounds.


Mass Finishing
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Vibratory Tumbling

Vibratory Tumbling

Vibratory Tumbling

Tumbling Compounds

  • General Purpose

  • Heavy Duty

  • Burnishing

  • Rust Inhibiting

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Vibra Finish has been manufacturing in the US for over 35 years!Manufacturing in the U.S. for over 35 years..



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